Thursday, November 15, 2007


November 12, 2007 (post transferred from my old blog)
It's a new week, and there's really nothing much to report. It's getting pretty chilly here. It's been in the 20's at night and the 40's during the day!

A couple weeks ago, the boys and their cousins enjoyed Family Fun Night at church. Here are Jared, Nathan and Owen with their cousins Leighanna and Rebeca. TJ was off somewhere with his friends! Dscf1404 Dscf1377 Dscf1356

One of the things I look forward to doing in my weblog is sharing ideas that I have or things that I have found work for me and my family.

I know that some believers with young children aren't aware that there ARE, indeed, several Christmas videos and books that don't deal with Santa Claus. I've enjoyed discovering and acquiring these over the years. Tonight I'll list the videos that the boys have enjoyed:

* The Donut Man, The Best Present of All
* Quigley's Village, A Christmas Story
* The Little Drummer Boy (yes, the one we watched when we were young!)
* Veggies Tales, The Toy that Saved Christmas
* Veggie Tales, The Star of Christmas
* Cedarmont Kids, Christmas Favorites
* Cedarmont Kids, Christmas Carols
* The Crippled Lamb
* Alabaster's Song (both by Max Lucado)
* Bed Bug Bible Gang Christmas
* Christmas Is
* Red Boots for Christmas
* First Christmas (clay animation)
* The Christmas Story Keepers
* Beginner's Bible, The Story of the Nativity
* The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible, The Nativity
* The Visual Bible for Kids: The Birth of Jesus (w/Kirk Cameron)
* Nanny & Isaiah Adventures, The Secret of the Second Basement (featuring the Peppercorn Puppets)

I am SO glad I don't have to give up these precious videos yet -- with Owen being so little! I hope to add the new Miss Patty Cake Christmas video to our collection this year! I made this list from memory, as I haven't brought Christmas videos out yet. If I discover that we have more, I'll let you know in a future post. However, we HAVE brought out the cds! If I'm Christmas crafting, I need the inspiration! Some of these vidoes are still in circulation, but some are not. Many of these you can find on , amazon (marketplace) OR Ebay . Even check Christian Book Distributors (CBD) for clearance items or video package deals.

I am making a chipboard flower arrangement for my sister Brenda for her birthday tomorrow. Will she get it by tomorrow? I don't think so! I'll take some pictures, and hopefully, post them in a day or two.

blessings, joie

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