Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy First Day of the Last Week of November!

OK! I can't resist putting up another 'calendar page'! We're getting ready for Advent! Advent reminds us that we are all expectant people, people waiting, people of promise. Our faith is built on God's promises fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled. We are, by God's grace, filled with new life and eternal hope! ('Celebrate While We Wait' by Schroeder Family) Here is one of several activities suggested in the book, 'Celebrations That Touch the Heart' by Brenda Poinsett.

Make an Advent Chain
Use colored construction paper (or patterned scrapbook paper, see photo above). On one side of the 7" x 1" paper strip, write the date or day of Advent. On the other side (what would be the inside of the link), write out some Bible verses from an easy-to-read translation or paraphrase of the story of Jesus' birth. Assemble the paper chain by gluing or stapling. Every evening during Advent, remove a link and read the verse. For older children you could use Bible verses that show what Jesus is like, what He said, and what He did when he was here on earth. And/or you can reflect on the meaning of Jesus' coming at Bethlehem. If carefully taken apart when removed from the chain, you can even use the links as a puzzle on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

Until next time, many blessings to you! joie

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