Wednesday, October 28, 2009


On October 15th, Jim and I were married 15 years!!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post! There's nothing out of the ordinary going on, I've just been lazy about blogging! What's going to make it tough for me now is: MY CAMERA IS BROKEN! I haven't been able to take a picture for almost 2 weeks! At first the error message was "focus error". Then it changed to "card error". It's not reading my card. The drop (I dropped it) caused the card to not stay down into the slot as far as it needs to. Then today I figured out that I could use a folded-up piece of paper and wedge it between the card and the flap/door. It worked! I even took a few pictures of the boys outside! Then as I was taking pictures, it got blurry. Now "focus error" comes up. I can't use the camera! It's strange how the focus was fine a couple of minutes before! VERY Frustrating!

Even though the date at the top of this post says something different, today is October 31st. We do not participate in the tradition of celebrating Halloween. The Lord convicted me of that long before we had children. We are to be "set apart" from the world and not participate in the things that would offend God. If we don't feel "in the wilderness" (out there) much of the time, then I wonder if we truly are "set apart". If we're comfortable being part "of the world", then maybe a re-examination of the heart is necessary. As far as Halloween goes--is dressing up offensive to God? No, I don't think so. But why is Halloween the only time we or our kids can do that? Why not be different and have a costume/birthday party? Or a dress up party in the middle of the winter when we all have cabin fever?!! I've also heard the argument, "we have to be a 'light' on Halloween. How is participating by giving out candy or trick or treating being a "light"? I'd much rather be a "light" by gently telling someone that we don't celebrate it and explaining why we don't IF they ask! I have to leave that up to God. I know that some people don't want to offend family and friends by not being a part of things. It's just easier to go along with things and "not make any waves". Let me tell you, when Nathan was little, he told a grandparent that he knew Santa Claus wasn't real. He was almost 3. That person was so upset. Jim and I listened to a 1/2 hour of angry words over it. We had to endure that. We lived through it, and eventually that person accepted it. That doesn't mean that family or friends LIKE it, but they have to agree to disagree at some point. We don't compromise on these issues. We don't rub it in their faces either! It's been hard over the years because the boys have shared with other kids about Santa Claus and that has caused some friction (even though we've told them not to). I am finding that it's more difficult to talk with Christians about these issues. Listen, the enemy is hard at work here! He loves it when we make excuses for the things we do!

Having said all that... I have posted a bunch of pictures in random order, so I'll note what each picture is as I go along!

Owen with the remote control of his new dragon fly (that the boys convinced him to get with his birthday money!)

The dragon fly flying

Owen writes all the time! This is so cute! (Of course, someone told him how to write this)

Autumn in our little part of the world--on the way to church!

Fishing at the Harrises in early October

If there's a tree to be climbed, Jared's there! (at the Harrises)

Owen with Mr. Harris! He told me later that he didn't really like it; it was too scary! Nathan and Jared rode with the girls, but I forgot to take pictures!

Our friends Lori-Ann and Graeme were passing through town. So they called us, and we met for lunch. They live in Maine. We had lunch with our boys. Jim happened to get out of work early.

I'm having fun taking pictures of food we make!! This is Apple Crisp (w/ an oatmeal topping)

The boys sang with their cousin, Rebecca, and 2 other girls WITH the adult choir for special music, kicking off Mission's Week at our church.

Jared's long-time dream--to carry a flag during the opening ceremonies of Mission's Week! Nathan carried a flag too, but the pictures are so blurry! Didn't plan that well...

A few weeks ago, Nathan and Jared started Christian Service Brigade at our church. They're loving it!

Until next time (hopefully, not long from now!)...

blessings, joie

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