Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Blessings!

Although Thanksgiving is officially over, I just wanted to pass on Thanksgiving greetings before the weekend is over! We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family yesterday (Saturday) at my sister's house. There was a scheduling conflict, so we weren't able to get together until then. We had a really nice time. Thursday, we had homemade pizza for Thanksgiving dinner here at home! Daddy and the boys made it; I just took pictures -- and ate, of course!

My boys have become quite fond of cooking! Nathan, especially! We borrowed a few of Emeril's kids cookbooks from the library. They can't get enough of the books. They made the pizza dough from one of them! Nathan made macaroni and cheese (delicious) last week. I'll be buying 2 of the Emeril books for Christmas gifts! Jared had a cookbook on his Christmas wish list! Jared (8.5) made the pumpkin pie filling and Nathan (10.5)made the pumpkin cheesecake filling for our Thanksgiving dinner.

I have been working on a scrapbooking project the last week, so I haven't had time to post. See photo at top of page, left. Unfortunately, I can't show all the pictures of the pages, because they're for a calendar gift! Let me briefly tell you what I'm doing. I have a pre-made calendar from Therm-O-Web. The place for the picture or scrapbook page is 8.5 x 11. I made up scrapbook pages that were 8.5 x 11. I then color copied them. That way, the weight on the calendar is minimal. I made one years ago, and it was so heavy with all the photos, cardstock, and paper! Back then I wasn't even adding embellishments! I suppose it looks kind of like a digital page. So I took my pages to Staples. What I didn't know is that the copies on the machine at Staples automatically puts a white border around the page. I'll just have to live with that. The copies are .49 each. I haven't actually assembled the calendar, but it should go together pretty easily. FYI, I didn't journal on the 'pages' as it's for a calendar.

Well it's time to get ready for Christmas at our house. The boys promised Owen that there would be lights up when he got up from his nap. Jim just spent half the day at the ER! He thought he had a sinus infection, but he was told yesterday by a dr. at a local urgent care that he didn't. After calling today and talking to the same dr. again, he told Jim that he DIDN'T have a sinus infection. The pain just got worse, so he drove himself to the ER around noon. The ER dr. told him that he didn't think it was a sinus infection, so they did a CaT scan. Turns out, it's a SINUS INFECTION! Praise God it was nothing more serious. Not a fun way to spend your long weekend!

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