Friday, October 31, 2008


A few days ago we had our first snow of the season! Towns in the Catskill Mtns. got a LOT of snow! Some were without power for days! Of course, the boys LOVED it! Although the snow has melted from the ground, a few days later, we still have some snow and ice on the back porch.
Last Sunday Jim and I went out to dinner (alone) for the first time in years! It was very nice. We wrapped up our time alone shopping at Walmart!!
Last week we moved the boys bedrooms around. Jared and Nathan stayed in the same room, but Nathan joins them now! Jared and Owen are now bunked and Nathan has a full size bed. The other bedroom is now their "hangout" room! They're all happy! Below is a picture of Owen's first night in his new room and new bed!

first snow

Owen looking so much older lately. He picked out his own clothes!

But he's still my little boy -- sleeping for the first time in his new bed (with Cutie Monkey)!

A page I did a couple years ago (in my Creative Memories album)
For now...
blessings, joie

Monday, October 20, 2008

Had a nice visit from my mother today! She stopped by in the afternoon with my niece to visit for a couple hours! We stayed in and visited while the boys and Rebecca played on the trampoline! It's been chilly lately! The nights have been in the high 20's-low 30's! There's talk of "snow" on Wednesday. We'll see. We're not ready for snow yet! I told my kids they could pray for snow for Thanksgiving and after. But not before!

Owen learning to "pump" on the swing instead of being pushed!

It was fun to see his excitement when he realized that HE was making things happen!

Love this picture of my niece and her neighbor's horse! Can't wait to scrapbook it!

The colors are absolutely beautiful this year! The tree on the right is usually yellow. The colors are even brighter in real life!

Gotta get my family to bed.

love, joie
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

POSTS OUT OF ORDER! Let me explain...

On the 6th of October, I imported photos from Picassa to a blog. Then I saved it as a draft. Today, I wanted to use those photos for today's blog. But since I can't change the date, that I know of, it shows up a few blogs ago. Here is the link to that blog, or just scroll down!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay. So I decided to post some scrapbook pages! I've been working on these for the last couple weeks. I just put the finishing touches on a few today.
Page about my m-i-l's garlic dill pickles
I posted the photo before , but here it is on a page!

Dolly and Daniel Whale game from the early-mid '60's!

My zany boy!
I have a couple more pages to post tomorrow or the next day!
Until then...
blessings, joie
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I have other pictures to post, but today I thought I'd just focus on these pictures. Tomorrow, Jim and I will be married 14 years!! I love these pictures!!

the look of love...

In the get-away car
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blessings, joie

Monday, October 6, 2008


The boys are really into paper making with their Arnold Grummer Paper Making Kit that they got for Christmas a couple years ago! They go through phases. Right now they want to make money selling packs of it! I already bought a pack of 6 -- I love the cardboard/craft paper look on my scrapbook pages!

Here are a couple of recent pages. Again, I keep stressing out over making "crafty" pages like I see in the magazines. When I make simple pages like this one, I feel so LIBERATED!

Jared picked a rose; my sister took the pictures

Scraplifted this page idea from a digital scrapbook website. Again,
I put the focus on God instead of self, as the original page did.

I took these pictures a couple years ago, so they're not great. But I wanted to post these pages, because I like them! I can see where my scrapbooking "style" has evolved over the last couple years. These pages are done on Creative Memories pages (which I don't do anymore).

love these pictures of the boys!

love the pre-made Cheerios photo frames (slide frames). That's where
I got the idea of taking these pictures and doing this page!!

Check out Jared's underwater goggles! Makes me giggle every time!
I love your "comments"! Lets me know how my blog is touching your life! Whether it's making you laugh or smile or mad or sad or happy or whatever! Please take the time, if you can, to leave a quick note!
Until next time!
blessings, joie

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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Can you believe it's already October?! Yesterday marked the 48th anniversary of my husband's parents' wedding. Sadly, however, my father-in-law died in 1999 when Jared was just 9 months old. It often makes me so sad that he didn't get to know Jared and, of course, Owen. At least he got to know (and ADORED) Nathan. He was a wonderful grandfather, and I miss him the most for that reason. There are 5 grandchildren in Jim's family, and he only got to know one. Thankfully, however, we have and my mother-in-law has those incredibly memories! I hope to do an album for our family of their grandfather....Papa.
Some pages that I've been working on...

Super Owen!

From our fishing adventure at Meema's & Peepa's Camp-OUT ground!

Owen's first time using scissors (at home anyway) Love the tongue!

Last night was the fourth night of the Spiritual Conference at our church with Sammy Tippit! It's been incredibly AWESOME! Jim was able to join us, and he will again tonight for the last night. That makes me very happy!

Off to get something done!

blessings, joie

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