Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's Been a Long Time

WOW!  It's been SO long since I posted here.  I think about it a lot and then give up before I start.  It's overwhelming, to say the least.  I did say that, after my precious Jim passed away last June, I'd keep this up.  So... here we are.

It's been a  difficult 10 months.  My loss is tremendous.  I miss my husband in ways I can't even put into words.  We were so close and shared everything.  I'm a talker, and he was the best listener -- mostly because he loved me so much.  I'd have to say that I miss talking with him the most. 

The boys are doing okay.  They don't think about it nearly as much as I do -- which is completely normal.  They stay busy playing video games, railfanning and following train stuff, and watching MeTV with me!  I told them in the beginning that they'd feel the loss more as they reached milestones in their lives, and their dad wasn't there to share them with them. 

We are hoping to move in the next couple of months -- to start the farm (or homestead) that Jim and I dreamed of for so long.  I'll keep you posted how that's coming along.  The latest one we're considering has had a lot of snow that hasn't been cleared -- so we haven't been able to look at the barns and the property.  We were able to get into the house a couple of weeks ago, but we're eager to see more before making any decisions.  If the temperatures stay in the 40's, perhaps we'll be able to go out there again in a week or so.  It's been a long, difficult winter for me.  The boys are eager to get the farm started as well!  We've all had serious 'cabin fever'! 

Here's our last family picture with Jim -- Christmas 2012.

Until next time...