Thursday, November 15, 2007

digital photo printing review website

November 13, 2007
This is COOL! Check this out! I just found this great website reviewing 25 online digital photo printing services! Digital Photo Printing Top 25 Reviews I had received a "try us for free" email from WINKFLASH . I have never used them before, but I figured what have I got to lose -- just .99 for shipping. It's for 50 free 4x6 prints! Then I decided to try and find a review on their quality of printing. So I did a Google search and came up with the top 10 reviews website. I didn't realize the bargains out there! I have been using Kodak Gallery since I got my new digital camera in May! Their rating isn't great because of the cost. I have been using it by delivery to my local Rite Aid. There's a $1.49 'convenience' charge PLUS tax when you have it delivered to a store (you choose from a list on their website). You probably still have to pay tax no matter which service you choose. BTW, I should mention that the FREE 50 prints from Winkflash is a one-time/first-time customer thing and expires SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17th! Several printers on the list appear to have 'try us' deals like that! With Winkflash, you can choose 50 prints OR 20 photo cards! That might be a way to get started with photo Christmas card shopping! Another thing that I think I'll like from Winkflash: Their 4x6 prints are .12 each. (I've been paying .15 through Kodak Gallery). Since I scrapbook, sometimes 4x6 prints are WAY too big -- especially if you have to get several pictures on one page. 3.25x5 prints at Winkflash are the same price .12! Some printing services charge you more for the smaller pictures! AND if you want wallets, Winkflash's price is .39 for 4. That's much cheaper than the other services! href="">

I took pictures of my chipboard flower arrangement. Here's what I did: I adhered 3"x3" squares of patterned paper to 3"x3" squares of chipboard. I cut out the flower with my Sizzix 'daisy' die in my Sizzix machine -- paper side DOWN. Then I cut out the same flower on the same patterned -- paper side UP -- so it was opposite.. That way it lined up perfectly, as they petals are not perfect. I adhered this paper to the back side of the chipboard flower. Now I had a chipboard flower covered on both sides. I embellished the flowers differently -- buttons, small paper flowers, brads (colored paper fasteners), etc. Click on the pictures and you can see them close up. I only embellished them on the front side. I then taped a piece of wire -- that I had wrapped around a pencil to get a springy look -- to the back of the flower. I had to trim the tape a little to fit. The tape I used was packing tape. I arranged 6 flowers by placing them in a small bottle with colored glass stones -- so they stand up. Not sure what the ideal way is. I'm certainly open to suggestions!

The boys are outside fighting the wind to make a leaf pile! It's supposed to get up to 60 today in the eastern part of Upstate New York! Have a great day!

blessings, joie

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