Thursday, November 15, 2007

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11/14/07 Evening Edition

Wed. Nov. 14

I just wanted to share a page that I finished (or not) this afternoon. When I started it, I HATED it! But I'm kinda liking it now -- after I came up with the title. It seems to be missing something, however; but I'm not sure what. FYI, the word "meets" is made up of translucent BINGO chips with rub-on letters! A while back, I bought a ton of different colored chips from a BINGO supplier on Ebay-- MartysBINGO on Ebay! I love the look!

This was a fun and simple page! At first I thought Owen said "crushing". I made the page that way, but when I showed it to him and read it to him, he corrected me. So I made it "squooshing". He can't say his "R's", so I tried to second guess him, and I was WRONG! This picture is the correct one.

It's getting late, so I'll get going!
blessings, joie

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