Friday, November 16, 2007

Jotham's Journey-a book review

I just want to share with you a book that I've been reading to my older boys for a few Advent seasons. This year will be year #3. It is called Jotham's Journey, and it is a story about Jotham, his anger at his parents, his running away (his parents thought he was dead, and since they were shepherds, they had to move on) and his frightening adventure to find them. If you look on Amazon, you'll see MANY wonderful reviews. However, there are some that feel that the violence in the story is wrong and that a story about Advent should be gentle and soft. The author, Arnold Ytreeide is showing us that evil has always been and that this wicked world, now and 2,000 years ago, desperately needs a Savior! The book will keep your kids sitting at the edge of their seats all throughout the. Your kids will BEG you to keep reading after the chapters are over! DON'T DO IT! After each chapter there might be a bible verse, and there are always words from the author. I HIGHLY recommend this book. You might not want to read it to the very young. Jared was almost 7 and Nathan, almost 9, when we started reading it, and they were at good ages. I bought it for my sister's family this year, so I'm eager to see how they like it! There are 2 other books in the trilogy, each about the adventures of 2 children that Jotham met on his journey. We've not read either one of them, as they're ALL out of print and not easy to find! You might be able to find these on Amazon marketplace, and Ebay. Below you'll find the story's description from the website
blessings, joie

Palestine,4 B.C. A shepherd boy shivers against the cold of night -- lost, alone, surrounded by jackals. Where could they be, he wonders again of his family. Where are you, Father? I'm sorry I got mad...

After running away from his father's tents in a moment of anger, ten-year-old Jotham has lost his way, and his family. As he journeys through Palestine in search of his nomadic home, Jotham is helped by a fool, a priest, a zealot and a wise man. Chased by a gang of thieves, thrown from one "foster parent" to another, Jotham slowly discovers the miracle of the first Christmas, and some miraculous things about his own life and his own family...

Written as a devotional for parents to read to their children during Advent, Jotham's Journey unfolds day by day until the exciting climax on Christmas Day. Each day's installment of the story is followed by a short devotional which will challenge your family to share in Jotham's discoveries.

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