Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan & Jared

We had the boys' birthday party with family and neighbors last Sunday. It was a fun time with loud conversation... that's typical of me and the women of my family. We're loud!! The boys received the model train set that they wanted, plus gift cards for bowling & Subway, a cool MarbleWorks set from Discovery Toys, 20 Questions games, and cash for spending!

McKinley Explorer by Bachmann

20q games

Trying to clean up my scrapbook area, so I have to go!

blessings, joie

Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm UNHAPPY to report that Winkflash has changed their pricing. Prints are now .08 instead of .12. That sounds great, HOWEVER, the special .99 shipping (for 4x6 prints) is discontinued and regular shipping charges apply. I have 65 pictures in my "shopping cart" on Winkflash. With the new shipping rates, each photo averages out to .18/picture. I'm so sad; I really loved ordering from them! If I get my prints done at Walmart -- which I have before, and I liked the quality, it'll be cheaper! Going to pick up pictures is more of a hassle for me. I will be looking elsewhere and will let you know if I find any bargains on line for mail deliveries! I'm really bummed!
Yesterday was my birthday, and the boys made me a cake.
They managed to squeeze in over 30 candles (I'm 46, by the way)

love the Magic Splash coloring system!

me with Nathan (almost 11)

Yesterday, we went to the airport because it was so sunny and nice -- okay it was barely in the 40's but it was still nice compared to what it has been! We also stopped at JoAnn, and I bought DCWV's (Die Cuts With a View) The Stack 5. I LOVE the paper! It's 180 sheets (3 each of 60) for a sale price of $9.99 -- that's 50% off, which is a pretty regular sale. I need it like I need a root canal, but it was a birthday gift from me to ME! All papercrafting supplies are 40% off besides, so I bought a set of chipboard letters as well.

Today the boys were playing outside in t-shirts. The high is supposed to reach 47. You or I wouldn't go without a jacket, but THEY would! CRAZY! By Sunday, the boys' birthday party day, it'll be 29 for the high! So winter is NOT over yet!

Until next time...
blessings, joie

UPDATE: I just checked Walmart's photo website, and prints are now as low as $.09 each! I'm guessing that that's for pick up in-store, couple days. I guess that's the best way to go for me. Even with tax added, it's still a better value. If I pick them up while already out running errands, it won't cost me gas money!

2nd UPDATE: I was mistaken. If you order them to pick up in the Walmart store, the price is .15 each. The .09 price is for home delivery, and there's shipping added to that. No deals there. It still comes out cheaper than winkflash though...

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I LOVE this! The blue eyes just make this a FABULOUS picture! It's such a cool thing! THIS is the picture that I wanted to do the Magic Splash kinda thing with since last May -- before I even knew about Magic Splash (which I learned about 2 days ago!! Check it out!

OWEN under santa hat

blessings, joie