Sunday, December 5, 2010


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Enjoy the Christmas music!

The last few years I haven't been doing a lot of decorating. I do, however, love to hang colored lights around the house. Of course, we always put a tree. With a small house and BOYS, I don't put out things like Nativity Scenes! I have a beautiful one that Jim's brother gave to me years ago--before children. Someday when I have a surface that's safe, I'll display it! Until then, colored lights and a few things we can hang, like wreaths, will suffice!

Seems that the pink always stands out... :o(

Nathan took up birdwatching and feeding a couple of months ago. We're enjoying all the different birds that we've seen. We've taken several pictures from our kitchen window. Here are just a couple.


Downy Woodpecker

Christmas cookies! We started baking yesterday. When I was growing up, we made a "butter cookie" that wasn't even made with butter. We used oleo. Since that was replaced with margarine, they didn't taste good to me anymore. As an adult, I've tried to find a cookie to replace it. Last year we found a recipe that we liked, but it was made with oil and was greasy. Yesterday Nathan found a sugar cookie called Cracked Sugar Cookies on . He made them, and they are delicious! It's a keeper! I think we'll leave off the word "cracked", though. Don't like it.

Our latest find in Christmas sugar cookie recipes.

"Amazing" pork roast
My son's words! (wasn't that good, but it was nice compliment!)

Tonight at bed time, Owen said to me, "Seriously, there isn't a girl beautifuller than you!" He's my cornball!

Until next time...