Friday, May 30, 2008


I just LOVE completed scrapbook pages! But first here are a few pictures I wanted to share...
Owen on Memorial Day-- edited by Color Select Studio/Magic Splash

This scene makes me happy!

Another 'makes-me-happy' picture!

Here are 3 more pages that I finished up in the last couple days!
Owen--I'm drawing a blank about how old he is here!

Jim and his brothers and their cousins

just read the journaling!

Gotta run, it's late--again!

blessings, joie

Thursday, May 29, 2008

MAY 29, 2008

Jim is really enjoying his new job! He likes the challenge of getting in and out of tight places (gas stations) He likes to work hard, and that he is! His sleep is also getting better, Praise the Lord -- "pretty good, but just not enough", he says. "I'll take that!", I say!! This is such a blessing to all of us! Thanks for all your prayers!

well-dressed truck driver

Love this picture of Jim checking out new keys he had made-in his CHURCH CLOTHES!

Owen doing a before-bath happy dance!

Lately, he likes taking a bath!

my current workspace

I've recently started hanging my completed pages so I can enjoy them for a few days before putting them in albums!

Until next time...

blessings, joie

Monday, May 26, 2008


Jim works today. We're going to my sister Brenda's for a family cookout. Hope to look through lots of old photos of my childhood. It's always good for a giggle or two (or a gasp!) -- plus I want to scan them so that I have copies of them to someday scrap!

on our neighbor's porch getting ready to watch the parade go by!

love the $2.50 flag shirts from Walmart!

blessings, joie

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Owen's Crown

In my last post, I mentioned Owen's crown that he made in children's church. I forgot to add the photos, so here they are!

Also I wanted to mention a bargain that I got the other day. I've been wanting to use NON photo-safe paper products on my pages lately -- things like corrugated cardboard, paper bags and other memorabilia. I'm still very conscious of the need to protect my photos; SO I decided to check into Archival Mist by EK Success. I checked at the craft store, and they said they didn't carry it because it's so expensive. The woman suggested one of the TV shopping networks. I found it on HSN- I think - and the cost was $42 for a 5.3 oz. bottle (EK Success also carries 1.5 oz bottle for arount 16.99). Ok... pretty expensive alright. Everywhere I looked the retail price was between $37 and $45 for the "larger" bottle. I figure I'll be using it a lot, so I wanted the larger size -- and it lasts forever. So in searching on Ebay, I stumbled across a seller who was selling TWO {brand new} 5.3 oz. bottles for only $22!!! Shipping was $6, but it was still a HUGE savings! That's $14/bottle instead of $45! This seller only had these two, so you can't buy any more from him/her. I tell you this to illustrate that if you take the time to search on Ebay, you can find some incredible bargains!! YEA!!

blessings, joie

Friday, May 23, 2008

MAY 23, 2008

Tuesday was Jim's last night training. He had Wednesday off and began working DAYS {on his own} yesterday!! Woo-Hoo! It's been very unnerving for him. He and I and the boys have been doing a lot of praying, and God's been getting him through! Unfortunately he has to work Memorial Day, but that's the nature of the business.

This weekend we'll assemble our new trampoline, so the boys will be busy with that all summer!! We firmly believe it's a wise investment in our homeschooled children's physical fitness!

Owen made a crown (representing King David) in Children's Church last weekend, and he wears it everywhere! I have pictures of him in the car, swinging, eating breakfast, eating lunch and just playing. It's too cute! I'll eventually get to a page!

Speaking of pages, I've been pushing myself the last couple days to complete some pages. Although it's only 3, it's (hopefully) a new beginning for me too. First I want to share a quote that I saw on a website:

The only time 'cooking' and 'cleaning' come before
'scrapbooking' is in the

Here are the pages that I've completed:

Owen trying to whistle

I have to note that this page is brighter in real life! It was the first time I followed one of the many sketches that you can find on the internet. It's a great idea. A tip: the scalloped blue paper, I did myself with a EK Success Large Corner Rounder. It has a removable corner clip so that you can make scallops (practice on scrap paper first!) Since the paper is angled, it had to be longer than 12", so I added a piece, and the overlapping part is hidden under the Magic Mesh ribbon that decorates the page! Pretty cleaver, huh?!! It get a kick out of myself when I come up with the occasional clever idea!

Jane & Rosemary

I love this picture of my mother-in-law with her best friend. It's true, they've been friends since Kindergarten. This picture was taken at her 70th birthday do the math! A couple notes on this picture. See the light flowers on the right side of the page? I used a flower stamp with VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad by Tsukineko. It is SUCH a cool concept -- one that I just started doing recently, although it's been around for a long time! The word 'watermark' is the key. It leaves a slight impression on the page. Also, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the dimension of chipboard. My Sizzix die easily cut through chipboard, but occasionally, I'll purchase other alphabets that I like. I loved this large letter alphabet by Quickutz called Blossom (the same font is called Pharmacy when you download it from the internet). But Quickutz doesn't cut through chipboard very well. I found, however, that it'll cut through chipboard the thin-ness of cereal boxes. So I've been saving cereal boxes so that I can use them with my Quickutz dies and EK Success punches. I realize the chipboard is not 'photo safe', but I try not to put the die cuts directly on my photos. Anyway, I like thicker chipboard, so I've been stacking THREE letters, cut from the cereal boxes and adhering them together. Then I adhere the paper or cardstock of choice on the top. If you look at the picture below, you can see how thick the letters are. Another CLEVER idea! My only reason for telling you about my clever ideas and/or bargains is because I hope you benefit from them -- or boasting about them is pointless! I'm certain they're NOT original!

Now to the VERY COOL adhesive that I've been using lately. Although the Quickutz Blossom letters are quite large, I've been using this DUAL ACTION 2-Way Glue Pen by ZIG Memory System (EK Success). It has a chisel tip for small areas and a wider tip for larger areas. It's perfect for letters die cuts! The DUAL means that you can use it as permanent OR temporary -- very cool!. I still like using my Xyron 900, but sometimes this is just easier!

Note: the diamond shapes on the red background cardstock -- used my VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad! Again, used my Dual Action Glue Pen to adhere the foam letters to the page. Also love my DYMO label maker -- I don't believe you can get this one anymore -- with the boxier letters. I found this on Ebay several months ago.

A couple more notes: I think ALL of the underlined words are links. I did some in red -- never again! and some are in white... sorry.

Many of the links are to Scrapbooking-Warehouse because I've purchased from them before. however, most times I get my scrapbooking tools and supplies on Ebay OR at AC Moore with a coupon. The Quickutz links are to Scrap-Mart -- I've purchased a few items from them -- they have free shipping on Quickutz dies! Right now they're having a fabulous sale on BossKut alphabets -- don't know BossKut, however.

blessings, joie

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm still having a blast finding old(er) photos and scanning them, so I can make reprints. Here's a photo of my great grandfather's triplet sisters! Isn't it the COOLEST picture?! Can't wait to "scrap" it!

great great aunts triplets

Such a handsome man!

And the most recent "old" picture from 3 1/2 years ago, a picture I'd forgotten about (obviously I haven't scrapped it yet!)...

sweet baby Owen, Sept. 2004

After I posted my blog yesterday, there were a few things that I thought about that I wanted to include in my next post. I'll be darned if I can remember them!!! Oh well, maybe I'll post later today.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

blessings, joie

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

By the way, I was asked by someone which kid was Jim in the Freedom Train picture a few posts back. I'm going to try to link to that post. Anyway he IS the one on our far right with the PLAID pants! I thought it was, but I had to ask him just to be sure!

blessings, joie


Here I go again! I haven't posted in 3 weeks!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! Mine was a pretty regular day -- except for the card from Jared, the poem from Nathan and the cup of flowers that Owen gave me (from his Sunday school class)! Jim had a terrible night's sleep Saturday, so he slept a good part of Sunday, then had to go to work Sunday afternoon around 4:30. He's still training with the night guy in his new job. Can't wait until he has more "regular" hours! In the trucking business, the hours aren't typical -- 9am to 5pm. That's pretty much unheard of! Drivers are at the mercy of the customer and the company. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad job, and I thank God again and again that Jim will have day hours soon, but it'll still be hard to make plans! Anyway, after going to church with the boys, we pretty much just hung out all day. We had a Mother's Day dessert with our neighbors after Jim left.

I've finally started to scrapbook again! I've had scrapbooker's paralysis lately. Can anyone relate? I don't know why, but when I sit down to pick out photos, I get so stressed and don't end up getting anywhere. Actually, I think I DO know why. I see pages all the time in magazines, idea books and on websites that I love so much and want to "scraplift"{duplicate}, but when it comes time to work, it's too overwhelming! When I think SIMPLE, and accept the fact that I don't HAVE to do really crafty pages, I seem to do okay. When I was a Creative Memories consultant years ago, I taught that it was more important to get photos and journaling on the page rather than worry about getting too crafty. I taught that you should keep most of your pages simple and save crafty pages for once in a while. Here I am, almost 10 years later, and I'm stuck on the same thing I warned against! So I'm thrilled to have completed 3 "simple" pages in the past week! If I keep going like this, maybe I'll do a really crafty page soon. I like layers and bulk and collage-type pages. We'll see...
Jared reading!

N & J at 2.5 and 6 months! SWEET!

Hanging out waiting for a rescue truck to go by!

Owen is learning to swing on the big-boy's swing. Since Nathan & Jared were born the same time of year, they learned things around the same time -- like riding a bike or swinging by themselves or tying their shoes. As far as riding a bike or learning to swing, the summer is the key. Owen will either be learning things 6 months earlier or 6 months later. Understand what I mean? N & J learned to swing by themselves -- pumping along -- when they were 4 and a few months. Owen will either learn this summer -- BEFORE he turns 4 or next summer when he's 4 3/4! It's not really important, but it's interesting to me -- the Mom! I need to document these things, because it's fun to look back to see who learned WHAT, WHEN! Nathan rode a bike w/training wheels the summer after he turned 4. So did Jared. BUT Nathan went w/out training wheels when he was 6, but so did Jared the same summer when he was 4! Who cares, you're probably thinking!!! (FYI, in Nathan's defense, they rode big tricycles with big tires in our gravel driveway for a long time, because it was too hard to ride a bike with training wheels.Nathan & Jared trying to teach Owen to swing!

Gotta run. I hear yelling outside. Typical!