Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here's a simple country craft idea. It takes little to no talent, just the desire and the time to make it! First get 5 twigs off the ground from your back yard! You don't want them wet (or live from the tree), so let them dry out for a few days indoors. Tear strips of coordinating fabric -- I purchased fabric from Walmart for $1.00/yd. I've done this in Christmas colors as well -- hunter green and maroon. Use a clear quick-drying adhesive. I use Quick Grip from Beacon Adhesives. I don't remember if I purchased it from Walmart or my local craft store, AC Moore; but you can check it out at Put a glob on one end of the twig, start wrapping a strip of fabric. You can wrap the whole twig or just part of it and pick up with a different color/pattern fabric. Glue the end. The glue will dry clear, so don't worry. YES, this will be a bit messy on your hands! USE GLUE IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA! It is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE! Used properly, it should be fine. I might let older kids HELP, but not the little ones. Hot glue might work as well. When you're done wrapping all 5 twigs, start making them into a star. First I glue them, but I tie them together with twine for strength. Hang on the wall from the wrapped twine. The twigs I used were approximately 12"-14" long. I have also used 6" thinner twigs, NOT wrapped them in fabric -- left them bare, glued them at the intersections and spray painted them GOLD! After that you can secure the intersections with twine, gold wire or fishing line -- it depends on the look you want! These are great for hanging on the tree. I suppose you can tie red or green ribbon at the intersections or for the hanging loop. I hung my small, gold twig stars with draped green (artifical pine-look) garland hanging around the room! I also hung them on the tree one year!
I love this picture of the boys enjoying the lights for the first time this year! I guess I'm not the only one who could just stare at colored Christmas lights! WHen I was young -- still living at home, I used to let my dog out in the middle of the night, plug the Christmas tree in, and just sit there and reflect well I waited for the dog!
Nathan and I went out for lunch and some time alone together last Monday. It was a first, and I know he really enjoyed it. It was his idea. Hopefully, we can do this a few times a year.
Sorry, I just can't figure out how to get the photos where I want them!! I told you I'm new at this stuff!
blessings to you all, joie

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