Sunday, February 3, 2008


This is pretty cool! I forgot how I found this -- oh yeah, it was the homeschool website a to z home's cool (see in column at right or click here). Here's a video from the Discovery Channel on How Bubble Gum is Made". It's so cool when you can take your family on a virtual tour to find out things like this! Okay, so bubble gum isn't so important, but it IS cool to see it and other candy being made! I remember Mr. Rogers used to do that! I always thought it was so neat to watch ANYTHING being made -- a stand-up bass, carousel horses, yo-yos, pencils, or toilets! Martha Stewart has done that in the past as well. I remember seeing a candy store make ribbon candy! That was a long time ago, and I don't know if she does that anymore. In doing a Google search, I also found this virtual tour of bubble gum being made. It's the same factory as the above link, but they'll show you how to make gum balls too! The screen that you look at is much smaller. Have fun with it anyway! Who knows, maybe I'll bring you more virtual tours! Until next time...

blessing, joie

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