Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I prefer Southern Gospel, but the boys have been listening to a radio station for several months now that has FINALLY grown on me -- for the most part. It's called "Positive and Encouraging K-Love". K-Love is nationwide and has a place on their website where you can look up your local frequency. The frequency in this area is 94.5. Check out your area! If you are in need of prayer (and who isn't?), they also have a great feature on their website where you can ask for prayer. You fill out a form, PRIVATELY, and it goes to the pastors that are on staff. Another neat thing is they're COMMERCIAL FREE! You can listen on-line if you'd like to check it out! Many songs have blessed me and the boys. My favorite group is Phillips, Craig & Dean. I just love their harmony and their song writing! Check 'em out here!

blessings, joie

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