Thursday, February 28, 2008


Good morning! It's beautiful outside but VERY cold! Now that we have a little snow for the boys to play in, it's too cold! But now my older two tell me they're going to brave the cold temps! (While Owen is napping, of course)

Got an order back from Winkflash, and again, I'm very happy! I ordered 8 x 10's for the first time, and the quality was great! They're only 1.99 each! I also ordered 5 x 7's for .29 each. I think shipping ended up being $1.88 or just a little over $2.00, I can't remember. That was with 90+ photos including 4 8 X 10's and 6 5 x 7's AND no tax. And I didn't have to go to a store to pick them up. It took a little longer than last time. I placed the order late Monday morning and got the order in Thursday's mail. It only took 1 day to get here, as I looked yesterday morning on the Winkflash website and it said "printing" and in the afternoon it said "shipped". I think last time, it was the next day or 2 days later from the day I ordered. NOT typical!

Thought I'd post a couple scrapbook pages for your viewing pleasure. On the first one, I love the Steelfish [stamps] font so much that I was willing to cut out my stamped image! Might not be worth all the work for more letters, however!

Owen DeFayette, Super Sleuth

new "big boy" underwear. It's been a long process!

Off to get Owen upstairs for naptime and then help Jared with his Social Studies before they go outside.

blessings, joie

p.s. comments are welcome!

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