Friday, February 29, 2008

I found my song!

I have looked and looked on the internet to find the audio (or video) for this song! It is one of my absolute FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL, and it happens to be called Favorite Song of All! This should bring you directly to the audio of it.

A few scenes from life the last couple days...Jared on the chin-up bar they got for Christmas

Owen put on his underwear! Oops!

my little guy helping put dinner away

Larry the Cucumber (Veggie Tales) with Play-Doh hair
--kinda looks creepy!

I have to keep this post short (hah!), as I have not gotten the things done that I planned on doing today. My intentions are always noble and admirable, but then I end up checking on a blog or two and end up finding new blogs and the next thing you know, I'm calling myself a BLOG-AHOLIC! Yes, you read that right! "Oh, I'll just take a minute to check on so & so's blog"... then they have a link to another blog, and so it goes on and on! 99% of these people are scrapbookers, and I love to get inspiration and ideas from them.... It just takes up a lot of time! AND I never do anything with my inspiration. :o(

We've been house-bound so much lately. Either it's been cold, snowy, or ICY! Can't wait for SPRING!!

I have to start dinner. Aghh! Who needs dinner?!

blessings, joie

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