Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Older Layouts

Here are some layouts that I did a couple years ago that I found in my photo file. I think my style has changed since then, BUT it doesn't really matter. The idea is getting pictures and their stories on a page (in a creative way or not!) All of these were taken with my old digital camera (pre-last May) so the colors aren't so great. We used to play Go Fish alot, so I thought I'd capture that on a page! Since I don't really like being in pictures, I thought that my hands shuffling the cards (which is part of the tradition of playing card games!) would be a fun addition to the page!

This is a fun idea -- documenting places that you go, so that you can look back in 20+ years and see what's changed. KMart -- now I remember that as a child. We used to go alot with my mother and grandmother. I remember Blue Light Specials!

I love this 2-page layout! It was from the summer before Owen was born. Jared was 5.5 and Nathan was 7.5 There were so many colors in the photos that I didn't need to use anything but white for a background! It was fun working with all these colors! The words "balloon" and "fest" were cut from leftover photos of balloons!

I have more, but I'll add them another time. Back to working on taxes! Ugghh! Until next time...

blessings, joie

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