Saturday, December 22, 2007


We had some wet snow a few days ago, and this is what happened! The horizontal icicles were amazing! Okay, so I know they didn't form that way, but what amazed me was that, as the ice and snow slid down the metal roof, it went so slowly that the icicles that once hung vertically, just slid around the overhang! Pretty wild, huh?!!

Here are the photos of my Christmas photo cd album. I just have to add this year's and a back cover. I have a few extra days, since we won't be seeing family until at least next weekend! I really like it, however I don't know that I'll be doing one like it again. Because there's no page protector, it's too easy for embellishments to fall off and the pages to get ruined... I think the other grandmother will get the same thing but with a 6 x 6 album. I think it'll look just as nice!

Still don't feel like I've gotten the hang of how to place my pictures! Unfortunately, until I do, they may not be in order!

Today we went to the Sunday School program at church. It was Owen's first time at age 3. He didn't sing at all, he just swung the jingle bells around that he was given! I was so afraid that his friend next to him would get it in the eye! Thankfully one of his teachers just grabbed it mid swing! Everyone was laughing! Part of me was embarrassed, part of me was mad! Ya see, I'm not the kind of Mommy who thinks my child not obeying -- those in authority over him -- is funny! I understand from his teachers that they (teachers) were told at the last minute that the kids would have the bells. So I don't think they had a chance to nip the swinging in the bud! I guess that's what rough and tumble boys do! He and Jared BOTH swing things around constantly at home! Drives me crazy! I did giggle a little when he layed down on the stage/platform when they were supposed to be singing! Some of the other kids were sitting down, so it didn't look too absurd! Just punky and goofy! Before that, he spotted me and yelled "hi Mommy!" That's my bold boy! My kids are very outgoing, and I guess at 3, it comes out this way! Jared and Nathan sang with the bigger kids Sunday School classes. Jared, of course, gave it his all! I usually get many comments about Jared's "enthusiasm" when he sings. Nathan also did well. He told me yesterday that he might like to act next year. Sounds good to me! My sister's girls sang in an all-girl quintet and sounded lovely! I have lots of pictures, but I don't know if any of them came out good. I'll post them at a future date. It's pretty busy around here!

Tomorrow we'll order Chinese for an early dinner (a first time for us -- maybe the start of a yearly tradition!) and then we'll head off to church for a candlelight service. Who doesn't love the magical glow of 600 (or so) candles reperesenting "the Light of the World" on Christmas Eve!! When we come home, Jim and the boys will finish their gift wrapping for me! We'll gather around the tree and sing -- after Daddy reads the story of Christ's birth from the book of Luke in the Bible. Last year Jim played Silent Night on his harmonica. This year Jared's been practicing the same song on his harmonica, so he might do that. Nathan was practicing a Christmas song on his guitar -- don't know if he's prepared to play or not! I dream of Christmas Eve with a piano -- and someone who can play! -- but for now, a harmonica, a guitar and angel voices are perfect! If I know Owen, he'll want to sing us a song. His favorite right now: "It's About the Cross" -- which, I might add, is exactly the message our pastor shared with us today. Jesus in a manger is wonderful, but it's not because of His birth that we're saved, it's because of His death.

We don't do Santa, but even for us, it's easy to get caught up in the gift giving/receiving that we might temporarily lose sight of why we celebrate Christmas! I hope that won't happen this year, and I hope it doesn't happen to you and your family!

Let me leave you with these words from the song, "It's About the Cross", The beginning of the story is wonderful and great, but it's the ending that will save you, and that's why we celebrate! It's about the cross... see the words to this song on my last post as well as hear it when you click here!

Have a very Merry (and peaceful) Christmas!!

blessings, joie

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