Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just a quick note... I had wallet-sized photos made of my Christmas photo by winkflash and I was NOT impressed! They're very small. Now, when I print out wallets on my office printer (I have a black & white laser printer, so I don't print out photos, but I printed them just to see how they'd look) they come out a nice hearty size, and there were 9 on a page! I won't be using winkflash for wallets again. However, they made a nice 5x7 for only .29. You have to do the numbers for yourself. The shipping goes up if you order anything other than than 4 x6 photos. ALSO, they're very slow this time of year. I ordered photos last Saturday, and I didn't get them until today (Sat.) Normally I have them in less time. If I need photos between now and Christmas, I'll probably go through Kodak Gallery and pick them up at my local pharmacy. Being that it's the weekend, I might not be posting again until Monday. We'll see. We're supposed to be going to a Christmas party at my parents' house tomorrow. However, my father's brother just died this morning... for those of you who would, please pray for my father, his siblings, and his brother's family. Thank you.

blessings, joie

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