Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have a few of the cd "pages" done for my mini Christmas album. I embellished less than I originally had planned. I really like lots of embellishments. I like the collage look. But because there can be no page protectors on these, I have to be very careful that whatever is on a page doesn't cause damage to the opposite page. You may also notice that on '2002', the hole is at the bottom. That's because it's the backside of '2001'. My plan is to flip each cd page up as you open the album. I hope all this makes sense. The snowflakes on '1999' are made from craft foam with a Cuttlebug Snowflakes die -- it was cheap -- I got it from a seller on Ebay. I love the dimension of craft foam. I also used it another time for numbers for the date (not pictured). On '2003' I made a flower out of vellum. I love that look! The center of the flower is a small circle of craft foam again. The candies on '2002' are cut out from another piece of patterned paper, but I added dimension by raising the green one with a piece of craft foam that I cut in a circle a little smaller than the candy. I only have a couple more to do, then I'll show you the whole album put together. And then, I'll have to make at least one more for this year. I really want one for us, but I might wait until after the holidays.

I also included a picture of these adorable S'mores ornaments that I bought at Cracker Barrel last
January. They were really cheap, but I can't remember what I paid for them. I think it was 60% or 75% off!

Remember my 'bargain' with the rolled wafers that I got at Big Lots? Well I learned that they weren't really a bargain after all. I still like the price though, and they make a nice small gift for someone. I plan to include a hot drink mix or an ornament to go with it. I got the same thing only bigger -- almost 3 times bigger at Rite Aid. The regular price was $2.99 (still good, I think) but I got them for $2 because they were on sale!!! I might just go back and get a few more!

I finally put together my Christmas letter. I will be adding that to the blog soon. I will be including some of my favorite pictures from this year. The letter going in the mail will have only one picture of the boys. This year I had a hard time getting motivated to write anything, but after I got started, I had fun with it. In past years, the letter has come from the viewpoint of the boys when they were really little . In fact the first one I put together came from Nathan 3 months before he was born! One year I started the letter way early in the beginning of the year, adding to it as time went on. It made it so much easier to put it together in December. Next year, I hope to do the same thing so that I don't have to rack my brain so much!! I enjoy writing more about the boys' personalities and interests more than a laundry list of things we did. We don't DO big things. Our vacations are limited to going to Jim's mother's a couple times a year 150 miles from here!

Until next time...

blessings, joie

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