Friday, December 14, 2007

First Snow of the Season

Here are a few pictures from the first {real} snow of the season. It hit us yesterday -- about 9". We're supposed to get considerably more late Saturday into late Sunday. Of course, that may very well change, as it usually does!

It's fun to come across old pictures! Here's an oldie! Two of my sisters and I sang at my cousin's wedding in the early 1970's. I thought it would be fun to post. {I'm in the middle}

This weekend will be busy with projects, so I may not post again until Monday. I can't believe Christmas is only 11 days away!! I've been putting off 'shopping', thinking I have plenty of time left! I managed to get some done online today. There's still more to do and more Christmas gift projects to complete! We won't be getting together with extended family for at least 2 weeks after Christmas, so I have a little more time!

Until next time, blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish you did NOT put this picture on here! :-p