Friday, December 7, 2007


I'm working on the cd album when I can. Since I didn't make it very clear, here's a picture of one in the making. I'm adhering photos and patterned paper on all of them before adding embellishments, ribbon, dates, words, etc. Because not all the photos I've kept over the years are the same size, each cd page of my album will be different. The picture isn't great, but hopefully, you can see enough to give you an idea. I'll post more pictures when I have another step completed. The ring I'm using in the picture may be bigger than I want. We'll see. Just a note, if you plan to use this as an 'album', as I do, DON'T use embellishments that might damage the photo on the facing 'page'. Just use flat embellishments like stickers, die cuts, rub-ons, etc. I might use craft foam die cut letters or shapes. Even though it's not flat -- it won't damage any photos.

Today the boys made bread (in the machine) and a batch of cookie dough. I still want to make Chocolate Crispy Treats tonight to bring to a party this weekend. They're made the same way as Rice Krispie Treats but only with chocolate crispy cereal -- I use store brand or Malt-O-Meal cereal for this. Just to add a festive touch, I'm going to melt red- or green-colored candy melts and drizzle it over the top. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures!

BARGAIN ALERT: I LOVE these "luxury wafers"! They're those rolled-up super light cookie things with the creamy middle - choc. or vanilla. These are from Royal Dansk, the same company that makes those big tins of butter (or shortbread) cookies that have been around forever. There's 20 rolled wafers in this 4 3/4 oz. can, and it's ONLY $1.00 at Big Lots!! I plan to use them as Christmas gifts along with 'Cappuccino Drink Mix' in a jar. My husband wants something for a few girls in the office where he works. I love that it's inexpensive, but thoughtful! We've gone through a couple cans already, so I'm going to try and cover the can with patterned scrapbook paper and put in small, flat cookies! The can is about 3" across. My chocolate chip cookies are flat and chewy, so they might just fit in this can. Oh, I can't wait to get started!!!

blessings, joie

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