Thursday, August 28, 2008


Recently, Owen learned to do something that he hadn't been able to figure out before. Up until a few days ago, he couldn't pronounce "r"s. It was always a "w" sound. I'd try to teach him, but he just couldn't figure it out. Y'know when you teach "th" you can show a child your tongue. Same with "s". When it comes to the "r", it's something you do way back in your mouth, and you can't show a child. I didn't think it was a speech problem, so we've just been waiting it out. Then I told him the other night that he's going to be 4 soon, so he HAS to learn to say his "r"s. He just did it! It's a riot to hear; it's such an exaggerated "r". Sometimes he forgets, and sometimes he'll just say the word with the exaggerated sound!

Here's a house warming card that I made for a friend of mine. There's a zillion ways you can make it. You can use ANY patterned paper, any message, or you can make it whimsical or not!

blessings, joie
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