Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, Nana left. She arrived Saturday morning and left Wednesday morning. We had a really nice visit. She was more attentive to Owen this time that she has been in the past, so that made my heart very happy! Speaking of Owen, he has a sty in his eye :o( Today it's really red and puffy.Owen with sty (and milk mustache)

love this picture!

Sunday we spent the afternoon visiting the family of a friend of Jane's -- actually her daughter Tammy is our friend too. LOVE them! We met Tammy's sister for the first time. We'd heard so much about Myra! LOVE her too now! Tammy's brother and his wife graciously let us use their yard (and pool) for the gathering. They live right next door to "Miss Kay". What a great family!

Jim, Myra, & Tammy with Owen and Dylan

The boys LOVED the built-in pool!

Jane & "Miss Kay" (friends since 5th grade!)

We had a WONDERFUL time! The food was great, and the company was delightful!

Rainbow on the way home from Miss Kay's

Anyone tired? Long day for all of us!

Monday we spent just hanging out with Nana. I spent a little "me time" going to the local thrift store and grocery store. I hit the jackpot with winter coats and snow pants! Yea! Love that!

Owen looking "tough" (his word) with his new snowpants, flip flops, and
old Nerf gun of the boys (not to worry, it doesn't work; but it DOES
look tough!).

This might look strange to see a 4-yo needing help on a tricycle. It's almost
impossible to ride on a gravel driveway, so Owen hasn't tried much.
The boys used to ride it around in the house--when we had more room!

I also bought a small desk for the boys -- they share a room, and the DON'T have much extra room. But I knew this small desk would squeeze in there. I spent $10 on it. Jim and I picked it up on Tuesday. It was a little heavier than it looked. As we went up the stairs to the bedroom--not getting any further than than the first couple stairs--it fell apart! :o( I was so sad. Here I felt like I was doing a good thing by buying a desk at a thrift store! It was one of those furniture pieces that you put together yourself--made with "press board". The top of the desk can be salvaged, so Jim and I (or Nathan, so he thinks) may be able to put some kind of base on it so they can still use it.

Jim had Tuesday off, so we went to play mini golf. N & J have gone with Jim before, but this was Owen's first time. He LOVED it! I didn't want to play, and I'm glad I didn't because I got some great pictures! I was also "caddie", carrying both mine and my mother-in-law's handbags!! That was a job in itself!
This little guy was so close to us during the course.
He didn't seem very afraid!

After that, Nana treated us to lunch at Pizza Hut. NOT impressed. I haven't been to Pizza Hut in a couple years. It was the service and atmosphere that weren't impressive. It wasn't even busy -- at 12:30! Don't know what the problem was. The food was okay. However, it was nice to have lunch out.

I always have my camera with me, so Nathan grabbed
it to photograph one of his FAVORITE subjects!

I guess that's enough pictures for one post! Hope you enjoyed catching a glimpse of our sometimes busy lives!

blessings, joie


emd1174 said...

I love all the pictures and information! The bottom one of Jane and the boys is the best!! But you should have taken the opportunity for Jane to take pictures of YOU and the boys!! We need to see more of that!

Nancy said...

Great pictures Joanne!