Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow! I can't believe I haven't written in 5 days! Life has been pretty much the same as usual... until last night. Unfortunately, my boys' FAVORITE football team lost last night -- losing to their LEAST favorite team! We hate it when that happens!

We learned today that a young boy that Nathan knew from Sunday School died yesterday along with his mom after a fire in their home (smoke inhalation). It is so sad... If you feel led, please pray for Loukas' dad and his grandparents -- his parents were divorced.

Today we went to visit friends from church. Doc has this FABULOUS, HUGE train room -- it takes up the entire upstairs of his garage -- he's been collecting since he was a kid! Let's just say he has HUNDREDS of trains! I would include photos now, but both sets of my rechargeable batteries are dead, and I can't download my pictures off the camera! So I'll continue this story tomorrow complete with pictures! Anyway, besides checking out his train "museum", we had lunch and a delightful visit afterwards with him and his wife! Thanks Doc and Ginny!

Owen giving his "cold-nosed puppy" a bath. He received this puppy for Christmas. We haven't put batteries in 'her' yet. And we're in no hurry to! He's very happy with his puppy just the way she is -- who one day was "Sally", then "Goldie", then "No-no", then "Tu-tu", then "Maddie", then "Macaroni-Cookie". So after a suggestion one day from me, he now calls her, "Princess Sally Goldie No-no Tu-tu Maddie Macaroni-Cookie" (or "MY PUPPY" for short!) Growing up we had a REAL dog named "Princess". Her full name was "Princess Lynn Anne Jean Mari" (mine and my sisters' middle names!) By the way, we have no real pets because our house is really small (many times, we're tripping over KIDS!), but we hope to have a few dogs when we move to the country.

Here are a couple of pictures from a snowfall last Friday. You can see how little it was by the green grass behind the boys with the snowman! But it was wet and just enough for what they needed to have fun!
Once I download photos from the camera tomorrow, I hope to have some pictures from our homeschool fieldtrip today! Until then...

blessings, joie

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