Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I've been thinking about ornament ideas for kids to do for AGES now! I've been saving lids for this reason! I like the results!

First, I took a plastic lid from an almond can -- which was red.

I added decorative edging/ribbon using scrapbook adhesive.

I cut a picture to fit nicely into the underside of the lid. I used my old CM circle cutter, but you can trace the lid onto the picture and cut a little inside the line if you want. I adhered my picture using double-sided tape.

I taped a loop, made from a green Christmas tree ornament hook, to the "top" of the lid, which is now considered the back of my ornament.

I then cut out decorative paper to fit inside the indentation in the can lid. You'll see what I mean when you look at a lid like this. I adhered it with double-sided tape. It covered the loop/ornament hook wire and gave the backside of the ornament some decoration. I put sticker numbers on the back for the date. You could also put the family name or the subject's name (could be family pet) with stickers or rub-ons on back OR front! Adding bulky items is not problem since these are not going in an album!

This is a great project for children to do for a grandparent or even your own family tree. Since we homeschool, school projects are done at home! You could decorate your whole tree with these!! Hey! Instead of using pictures, you could type out Bible verses about the birth of Jesus and print them on decorative paper and then cut them in the proper-sized circle to do the same thing! I might do that as a family project next year -- maybe even like an advent project to add to the tree each day. The wheels are turning as I'm typing this post! Instead of putting them on the tree, how about a garland strung across a doorway. It's not hard to figure out how to connect them together so that they can hang -- ribbon, ornament hooks. If you use rope -- for a rustic look, you can hot glue the backs of the jar lids directly to the rope -- you can add pine cones in between the lids or hang candy canes. The possibilities are endless.

I have also saved the plastic lids from coffee jars -- which are much deeper than this nut can lid. Again, they happen to be red, so it already adds to the Christmas color scheme!

Hope you enjoyed my idea/ideas for lids! I'm no Donna Downey, but I'm always thinking of some way to display photos with paper and embellishments other than scrapbooks and frames. (You can do a lot with frames, btw!)

blesssing, joie

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