Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I don't know if I'm the kind of blogger that can write just what's going on in my day, if I have nothing to show you (photos) or a project to tell you about. I'm going to see how it goes...

Not much going on since my mother-in-law left Monday morning. Yesterday (Tues.) it was 60 degrees! Feels like the "January Thaw" to me. I haven't heard that mentioned on the news, although I haven't listened much lately. I just keep hearing about "Global Warming"... ;o( Anyway, since it was so nice, I thought it was a good opportunity to do some errands. After all, on Thursday, when my mother-in-law came in on the train, it was a whopping 5 degrees! (what was that about Global Warming?) So we went to the library where we met a very nice homeschooling family. I had a nice conversation with the mom, Edna. They have 5 children -- 4 girls and one boy who is Jared's age. Then it was off to the craft store -- always love trips to the craft store! Then on to the airport. It was busy enough for the boys to enjoy themselves -- it's not NYC or Chicago, but watching 6 planes go out in an hour makes them happy. A while ago, I got smart and started bringing my scrapbook magazines with me so I wouldn't get bored!

That was our day. I mentioned a while back that I was reading Jotham's Journey to the boys during Advent. I've been reading chapter books out loud to them for a couple years now. I enjoy it a lot! Nathan is a very good reader and devours books pretty regularly, but he enjoys it when I read to them. He's been bugging me for months now to read a Hardy Boys book. Since he reads them all the time, it didn't make sense for me to read them out loud. But finally the other night, I gave in and started reading one of the adventures. I'm glad they love it when I read to them. It will definitely be a fond memory for all of us! I'll be sure to scrapbook it someday!

Well, I guess I couldn't do it! I decided to include all the color copies of my scrapbook pages for my calendar. Again, I created regular 8.5 x 11 pages and color copied them to adhere to pre-made calendars by Therm-o-Web (I think!)

I gave my mother-in-law's to her over the weekend. She loved it! After I adhere these on to the blank calendar, I'll have to stamp (or rub-on or stickers or die cut letters) the names of the months on each page AND the number/dates. For my mother-in-law's calendar I stamped the numbers on January. TOO MUCH WORK! The rest of the months? I just hand-wrote them -- it looked perfectly fine!

I'm coloring my hair (as close to my natural color as possible -- getting rid of the gray!), so I have to go rinse now! I tell people that I'm as down-to-earth as you can get. I don't hide things or keep secrets. "I'll even tell you when I color my hair!" So here it is for all to know -- tonight I'm coloring my hair! You can probably see all the gray in the picture of me with my immediate family in my last post from a couple days ago!

I hope you enjoy my blog! If you do, please leave a comment. It's nice to see feedback! Once the "holidays" are over for me (this weekend, I think!) I'll probably post more. Who knows. We have to LEAP back into homeschooling, so that might take more time! The boys are still learning daily on a more informal basis (between you and me, I think they learn better that way!)

blessings to you all! joie

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