Friday, June 26, 2009

My latest read-aloud book with N & J is Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen, It's about a 12 yo boy who gets an old lawn mower from his grandmother for his birthday. He, quite accidentally, starts a lawn mowing business that continues to grow with the help of a hippie financial advisor/stock broker! It's a little peculiar, but it's a great introduction to economics, captalism (in a time when it's becoming politically incorrect), the stock market, etc. It's kind of funny and kind of wacky. Nathan got it for Christmas from my brother-in-law. Don't know if he knew what it was about. Nathan's read it twice, but he liked it enough for me to read it aloud to Jared and him.
In my last post, I talked about the movie Pendragon, Sword of His Father. Here's a photo of the dvd case.
great movie!
Love to see Jared reading. He doesn't take the time to read for entertainment. He's too busy. He reads his Bible! Almost every night. So I can't say he never reads. He's very capable.
Jared reading Frightful's Mountain

Owen with our neighbor's grandson, Kyle (10 mos. younger than Owen)

Owen is NOT a slave to fashion! With Jared and his new life vest!

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