Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please add yourself as a "follower" to my blog! I love to see new people watching, AND I love comments. It's very encouraging and inspiring! As a stay-at-homeschooling mom, I get little encouragement! {sniff, sniff, sigh}
This past weekend we FINALLY had a family get together for Nathan's and Jared's birthdays (from Feb. & Mar.)! I'd been putting off doing anything because our downstairs bathroom is under construction. So when I mentioned it to Donna a couple weeks ago, she said, "why don't you just have it here!" So, we did! I've referred to Donna's as "party central" for several years now! We had good food and a nice visit with my family. The boys were happy to get bowling gc's and a pass to the local fun park -- where they like to drive go-karts!

Jared's been trying to "pop-a-wheelie" for a little while. He was so happy tonight when he finally did it!

my littlest monkey on the rope swing!

Old page I did years ago with Creative Memories--Nathan at 2+ with Jim's Dad.
We don't realize just how precious our pages are until special people we love are no longer with us. I have many more pages that I need to do of Nathan and his Papa -- and some of Jared, who was only 7 months old when his grandfather took a turn for the worst and 9 months old when he died...
note: our butterflies are safely tucked away in their chrysalids undergoing the amazing transformation that God is orchestrating! I'll give you pics and more info when we have butterflies! Can't wait to take pictures and do a page! OMGosh!! I just looked over and saw a butterfly!!!
Until next time...
blessings, joie
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