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Please add yourself as a "follower" to my blog! I love to see new people watching, AND I love comments. It's very encouraging and inspiring! As a stay-at-homeschooling mom, I get little encouragement! {sniff, sniff, sigh}
It doesn't phase Owen at all to put on two different shoes. Now, these are the same size flip flops, just different colors; BUT he's walked out the back door before wearing a rubber rainboot and a sandal--because that's all he could find! It's unbelievable to me! Its happened more than once that I've had to call him back inside for mismatched shoes! It's just laziness--and its not that important to him!

Someday I'll do a scrapbook page with the title something like "He has another pair JUST like it!" He's a hoot!

Menu planning--a project that we're working on--with the help and encouragement of Nathan. Basically it was his idea. I'm terrible at that stuff. I do a lot of things (like preparing dinner) by the seat of my pants--YIKES! First we made a list of meals that we like and have had in the past and then a list of things we'd like to try. From there we'll plan weekly menus. If anybody knows of a website that helps with menu planning, please let me know! Nathan is a great help at making meals. One thing I hate to do is pound out chicken breasts--he's happy to do! And I'm happy to let him! We're in the process of looking up new recipes on! I use that all the time! I want to do a lot of crockpot cooking this summer. We don't have central air, and I hate to run the oven on a hot day! Any favorite recipes, please pass them on!

looking for recipes in the boys' Emeril cookbooks!

my cute boy!

Speaking of my cute boy... he's been quite a handful lately. Remember the little girl with the little curl right in the middle of her forehead? Well, that's my boy. He's the sweetest, most loving little guy. But he's also, at times, HORRID! "I don't like you!" "I wish I didn't have a mother!" "You beat everything, you know that!" (taken from an Andy Griffith episode when Barney is mad at Andy) I don't like this new stage. It's a constant battle. I know I'm fighting the 'enemy' (no, not Owen!) My own armor is rusty and crumbling. I think I'd better try God's armor--DUH! Shame on me for not already having done so! Am I the only one who tries--in vain--to solve problems on my own strength?! I'm great at trying to teach my children God's ways, but I often forget that His Word applies to me too!

Church today was a battle. First of all, Jim was home with a migraine. Owen wouldn't sit still in church. He was being punky. Now before you say "oh, he's just a little boy!"... He's perfectly capable to sitting quietly in church. Between the singing and a bookbag filled with books for him to read during the sermon, he does just fine every week. Believe it or not, I had to take him out of the sanctuary. I've been listening to The Strong-Willed Child (Dobson) on audio, and I was reminded that I can't back down. It was not a pleasant hour, but he didn't win--get to do things he wanted. He had to stay with me--no playing, reading or going for walks. Nathan & Jared stayed in the sanctuary by themselves. I knew they'd be fine, and there were plenty of friends around them to keep an eye on them. The only thing was, I understand, Jared kept looking up the aisle waiting for me to come back. I should've sent word that I wouldn't be. Live and learn. Can I just say that having 3 strong-willed boys is exhausting?! I know that being diligent in raising them right is imperative, but its still exhausting!!
Have to get dinner on and get the boys to rehearsal for 6! Until next time...
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