Friday, August 21, 2009


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As I mentioned in my last post, I've been de-cluttering! I've gotten a lot accomplished, thanks to Jackie! Yes, we're still friends, and I'm pretty sure she's done with me. ;o( She just got a new job and will start next week! God always amazes me how he works things out. If Jackie was still working at her old job, she wouldn't have been able to bless me with her help (crackin' the whip) AND her friendship and fellowship! She really wanted this new job, and He timed it so that she could help me for a couple of weeks. I hope that I can stay motivated and stick with it. I have MUCH more to throw away or give away! But we made a big impression on the office/scrapbook nook. Back to it on Monday! 12 13-gal. (kitchen) garbage bags-full of STUFF to the local thrift store AND 8+ leaf-size garbage bags to the dump! And it's still a work in progress.
Tomorrow we celebrate my sister Terri's 50th birthday! She's not thrilled about turning 50, so we want to celebrate it with her with a "50 and FABULOUS!" theme. I hope she enjoys herself. Spent the day at Donna's helping her get ready. She was very glad to see us all go! I hope to get lots of pictures tomorrow!
Enjoy it when Nathan makes dinner! Tonight he grilled burgers--old, cheap grill, NOT a simple gas grill! {Sorry, Jan!} They were yummy! And huge! I made them yesterday, and I made them really big because they usually shrink so much. We also usually use bread, since we don't usually keep hamburger rolls on hand. Jim got hamburger rolls yesterday, and they're small! So this is how the burger looked with the bun. The boys cut around their hamburger so it would fit in the bun!
Huge burgers!

Owen borrowing Nathan's (size 9) sandals! It made me laugh!

Nathan's photography. He's going to use it for a card for his Aunt Terri.

Homeschool shelves...a work in progress.
Hopefully, next week, I'll have pictures of Terri's party!!
Until then...
blessings, joie
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