Friday, August 7, 2009

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Owen, as most of you know, will be 5 next month. We've had this smaller pool since he was born--last year was the first year we did not put it up--we had our 12' Intex pool up last year. But he hasn't been able to go under the water ever. He's prayed and tried, but he hasn't been able to make himself do it! This summer I bought the boys goggles. So the other day--Thurs.--he finally did it! He went under. (the pool only went up Wed.) At least his face is totally in the water! Not sure if he has actually been submersed yet! He's so proud of himself! And I'm just tickled for him! Jim and I think it was the goggles that really helped him. I think it gave him a sense of security--they also cover his nose. That's a biggie! He's such a cutie!
*Nathan informed me last night that Owen did, in fact, go all the way under the water--while they did repairs on some vessel under the water!!

bagels and "bagel cream"

This has been such a beautiful week! The boys enjoyed the sun, and I enjoyed the shade of the porch! In fact, there were times when the breeze made it down right cool!

Yesterday I finished Home Educating With Confidence by Rick & Marilyn Boyer. It's an excellent book , which I'm glad I own. I'll refer back to it time and again! I'm back to reading Home Sweet Home-School by Sue Maakestad. I started it a while back and stopped to read a couple of library books. I still have SO MUCH to read! There's always something to learn!

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