Sunday, August 23, 2009


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We had Terri's party yesterday. Everything went well. There was good food and good conversation! I think Terri was happy! Jim couldn't make it because he works every Saturday. But he took the time to call Terri (while driving) and kidded with her! I have many more pictures than these 4, but I wanted to post some of my favorites quickly. Terri's friend, Rob from work was there with his wife and two children. His baby girl is almost 4 weeks old. My children didn't ask ME if they could hold this tiny infant, but I walked in to the den to see this picture of Jared and then Nathan! It's precious! I wouldn't let Owen because he's too little. He was not happy! At least he got to play with Randy who's not quite 2!

Jared with Lita (not sure of spelling)

Nathan with Lita

Jared & Aunt Terri

The famous chocolate fountain!
The kids had fun!

It doesn't look so nice because I took a bunch of chocolate out to put in cups for those who wanted to sit at the table and dip and visit! Oh well, it worked fine and tasted delicious!

More pictures coming in the next day or so!

blessings, joie
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Janners said...

The fountain does look like fun--all the kids, regardless of age, have the same look of appreciation on their faces--even Terri!