Saturday, September 13, 2008


This is our boy on his 4th birthday! We had dessert over at our neighbors'. They bought him a carrot cake because he had been wanting one all year -- only because he loved to see the carrots decorated on the cakes as we went past the bakery at our local grocery store. Turns out he loved the cake too!

Owen with his carrot cake and tiger car!

Here are some pages that I've recently completed. Click on the picture to see a close up or read my journaling.

Owen trying SO HARD to get the nerve to go under water!

love this perspective in potty training last winter

One of Jared's latest passions

No need for explanation

My boys make the best chocolate chip cookies! A recipe that I found in an
older cookie cookbook. The word cookie is spelled "Cookey"!

Getting ready for Owen's birthday party tomorrow. I'm looking at this picture
now, and the red "spots" look like pepperoni! It does look different in real life!

I'm sure I'll post pictures from his party next time I post.

blessings, joie
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