Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jim actually had a day off this week! After two weeks in a row of working 6 days, we began to wonder. For those of you who may be wondering if this change was worth it, ABSOLUTELY! Working days makes the rest pretty tolerable! AND he gets paid for his time!

I mentioned a few weeks ago how chilly it was for mid August. Well, this past week was pretty hot for September: 80-90! Last week I was ready to take down the pool. Glad we didn't because the boys used it four days in a row! Here's a priceless picture of Jared.

Yes, his body is OUTSIDE of the pool! He was spinning around and got dizzy and literally fell out of the pool! (the pool is 30" high) I was just snapping pictures and didn't even know what had happened even when I was taking this picture! Only Jared...

I love this precious picture of Jared asking Owen if he wanted a ride in the
wheel barrow. (believe it or not, Owen declined the offer!)

Nathan instructing Jared on what to do for lawn mowing.
Even though they fight alot, Jared really looks up to him and listens
to him. I wish Nathan would appreciate that.

When we were coming up the hill from the pool, I was carrying "Princess Puppy" under my arm. Owen and Jared were behind me. Jared, as he usually does, made a puppy whining sound, and Owen said, "don't worry Puppy, you're safe in my mommy's arms". So I had to take a picture of me holding Puppy the way I was when we came up the hill -- I'll eventually scrapbook this page!

My baby turns 4 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! I'll post pictures (new haircut and all!)

blessings, joie
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