Monday, September 15, 2008

For a second time, we celebrated Owen Matthew's 4th birthday, this time with family and friends. My sister Donna hosted the gathering at her house -- which I have dubbed "Party Central". It was great to see aunts, uncles, and friends that we only get to see a few times each year! That's the reason that we had the party at Donna's. Our house is very small, and I couldn't have had any more than immediate family. Donna offered her place so that we could have an end-of -summer/birthday celebration with extended family.

Note: sorry the pictures are out of order. I'm using a different internet server, and I don't know how to edit.

Owen loved his new work boots. Aunt Donna got him a pair last year, but he's grown out of them. So he was so happy to be "ruff & tuff" again! Last night he saw the "waterproof" label on the boots. He looked at me very seriously and asked, "can these boots make me walk on water?" !! I love the way the minds of our little ones work!
Yesterday Jared was holding the hose over the creek and here's a RAINBOW! When I make this into a page, it will be entitled, "Make-Your-Own-Rainbow"!

My boys in their VBS class. See Jared peeking out behind the boy in the front. A friend recently gave us this photo; I LOVE it!
Owen with his fish cake!
We went from 80 and super humid on Sunday to a cool, windy day yesterday.
Today, so far, it's really chilly!
Until next time...
blessings, joie

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