Monday, September 1, 2008


This Labor Day has been pretty laid back for the boys and me. Jim, on the other hand, had to LABOR! However, he did just call me (3:00) to tell me that he was headed back to "the yard" because he'd made his last delivery for the day. He'll be home around 4:30, and then we'll have a cookout with our neighbors! Yum! Nathan & Jared are next door now helping make a baked macaroni dish. Owen is helping "Uncle Kelly" work outside. They love it!

Photos of my mother-in-law and her friend. We visited with Kay and her family the last time Jane visited early in August (my mother-in-law lives 150 miles north of us, but Kay lives closer to us.) It's a treat for us to get them together when Jane's in town!
The coloring isn't great here. The colors are much brighter and crisper in REAL life!

Jim has tomorrow off, so I probably won't be posting.

Until next time...

blessings, joie
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