Monday, July 28, 2008


I can't believe this! I can only import 4 pictures at a time like this (oops, I accidentally lost one). I have several that I wanted to catch you up on! I think I have a memory problem -- I'm referring to my computer this time! I might have to post a few blogs in order to get all the pictures that I want.

Not really much out of the ordinary going on. Summer's buzzing along. The boys spend lots of time in the pool. I read while I sit there; so I feel I'm getting something done.

Nathan playing seahorse with Owen

Last night while Nathan was sitting watching something on the computer with me, Owen decided to "cut" his hair! He even brought a paper towel in for Nathan to put around his neck to "catch the hair"! He's using a plastic trowel from his Bob the Builder playset! He spent quite awhile doing it!

This is TOO funny! It appers that Owen is doing a math worksheet on telling time. He
stumbled across these clock pages and told me that he had to work on his "TIMES TABLES"!

I'll add more posts after this!

love, joie

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