Sunday, July 6, 2008


I can be SO dense! I just figured out a much easier way to get my photos to my blog. I was doing it the long way, which was taking SO long!

Check out this picture of a fireworks display that we saw last night -- yep, we watched fireworks on the FIFTH of July! We have a local park that has a summerfest every year. This year they tied it in the weekend of the 4th, so they had fireworks a couple/few days. Friends of ours invited us to watch the fireworks from their back porch. It was like a front row seat! And LOUD! Of course, the boys loved them. I'd like to say that this photo was a result of brilliant photography, but it's not! It was purely accidental! Love it!

This page is a tribute to my grandmother who has been gone since January 1996. At first I was just going to say "this is Grammy..." and have a little fun with it, but I got this idea from another scrapbooker. I thought it was much more touching this way. She never knew my boys, so this page will help them to see just a few of the things that I miss about my grandmother.

new pool

Owen loves to look things up in the dictionary -- things like "experiments". It's so cute to hear him describe the things he finds!

True Confession: Owen is almost 4, and up until yesterday naptime, he's had a binky (at sleept times only). After I told him that it looked goofy -- like his goofy (fake, bucked) teeth, he said, "Oh-kay, I'll thwow them away". I asked, "are you sure you're ready for that?" He said he was. We talked it up yesterday afternoon, and I prayed with him last night about it. At the last minute, he was NOT happy about it, nor two other times during the night. Old habits die hard, they say! We're far from through this. He was pretty grumpy about it at naptime today too! I know I should've taken it away sooner...

I had another picture to post, but I accidentally deleted it. I'll have to show it next time. Sorry everything is centered. I can't get it off in the screen I'm in. Off to make dinner. Jim's outside with the boys in our new pool!

blessings, joie
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me cry! (scrapbook page of Grammy, I loved it).

joie said...

Donna, I'm seeing your comment today 7/28. Did you leave it again? You said a couple weeks ago already that you left it... wonder...

Why don't you give me a small list of some things that you miss. I could make you a page too! I could use the same picture. I might not make it look exactly the same, but I would make it FABULOUS! If you have a long list, I could eventually make another page.

love, joie