Friday, July 11, 2008

JULY 11th

Here are a few photos from the past week. On the side of our house are a few black raspberry bushes. The boys have had fun picking them a few times. I told them next time they pick them, they should wear a work glove on their left hand to move the prickly branches. So Owen disappeared in the house and returned wearing.... see next photo!

I was sitting down by the pool, with my camera, of course, and saw this brave robin. They're pretty nervey when we're outside. I saw from a distance that he was gathering worms, but I didn't see how many until I downloaded them on the computer. Isn't this
incredible?! There were some happy birds in a nest yesterday afternoon!
When the boys got out of the pool one afternoon, Owen wanted to stay in. He had so much fun playing alone. Here are two frisbees suctioned together by the water. He loved throwing it up in the air and letting it drop in the pool. I loved capturing the image! He spent time spinning the frisbees and just doing quiet things that he can't do with two 'dolphins' in the pool constantly splashing and making waves!!
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For some reason, I could only download 4 photos at a time from Picasa to Blogger, so I'll post a couple times.

until next time,
blessings, joie

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