Monday, July 28, 2008


The next 4 pictures are from VBS week at our church (Vacation Bible School). It and Christmas are the highlights of the entire year for my boys! Although Owen is too young to attend as a regular student-they start in Kindergarten (the grade you'll be going into in the fall), he was able to go this year because I was a volunteer, he participated in the 3-4 year old program. He LOVED it!

Owen got tired of singing during worship in the sanctuary, so he
grabbed a Bible and settled in to "read" it!

In the sanctuary to learn the songs, hand motions, and WORSHIP! I would finish up in the craft tent about 11:45, so I'd have time to come in and watch for a while. The woman that teaches the songs has been doing it for 20 years! Two of her boys are N & J's age. She is SO enthusiastic! She is just great with the kids! The boys love her!

Becca with Owen during worship.

Nathan and Jared in the sports program during VBS

Can't wait until next year! Owen will be a regular student next time!

blessings, joie

(one more post with pictures) (maybe if I didn't wait so long to post, I could do this in one post!)
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