Friday, July 11, 2008

Nathan likes to take pictures with my camera -- here's a photo of --you guessed it -- the RAIN! I think it's a pretty cool photo!

We went from Underwear Boy to Cowboy drummer!!

"Look Mommy, no hands!!" those were his actual words! Owen doesn't like to go under the water. We're working on that. So he was pretty proud of himself, when he let go of the sides while on his knees. It's progress!

This week is VBS at our church, so we'll be pretty busy with that in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. So I probably won't be posting much, if at all, next week. Since I won't let Owen in the pool without my close supervision (I watch the other 2 from the back porch), I've been sitting down by the pool alot. I haven't had this great a tan in years!! When I usually sit outside with them (less often these days as they get older) I sit on the back porch under the sun umbrella. So being in the sun alot has been great! Did you know that our nation is sun-deprived?!! Did you know that the sunlight can prevent 17 different kinds of cancers?! The lack of sunshine can trigger deadly cancers, depression, bone loss, heart disease and more. In a nation riddled with depression, it's no wonder. We're taught that the sun is bad for us!! Many doctors are finding the research to show that since we’ve been avoiding the sun over the last 30 years, the death rate from skin cancer has risen 400%... want to know more? Click here.

We're going to my sister's house for the afternoon for a big picnic/barbecue, so I have to get going. I'll write more next week, hopefully.

blessings, joie

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