Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Prayer request for Jim: He deals with migraines regularly, as some of you know. Because he ends up taking his meds so much, it has caused a skin reaction (this happened on a smaller scale years ago) -- all over his body. Last week he went to the dr. and got meds for helping to stop the migraines, so he wouldn't need to take his pain meds, and the rash would go away. He took the new medicine Friday night before bed. At 3am he woke up with tightness in him chest and had that and some soreness in his chest throughout Saturday. He contacted the dr. and told him to stop it immediately. It was very disturbing and unnerving for Jim. Of course, he didn't plan on taking it again. By Sunday morning, the tightness was gone. Now we're back to square one. Thank you, in advance, for lifting Jim up in prayer.

Sunday, we decided to go fishing--in a spot that was recommended to us. No luck. A couple of bites, but nobody caught anything. The next day, we still had worms, so the boys begged to go fishing in our own creek. Now mind you, we've lived here for 14 years and we've never gone fishing in our creek! I couldn't legally fish--no license, but I helped Owen, who caught 3+ fish!! They were little trout, as you can see below. I say 3+ because the third fish caught, I had JUST put the line in the water for him, and I could feel a tug before I even had a chance to hand him the pole!! He caught a fourth one after that. Jared caught one, and Nathan... nothin'. I've got the fishing bug. I've wanted to fish for a while, but the few times that Jim has taken N & J, they haven't caught anything. Jim bought his license last Sunday--for 30 days; fishing licenses expire Sept. 30. I hate to waste the money for that short a time, so I plan to get mine Oct. 1st. This way, I'll have it for a full year! (of course it's going up $10!--the state needs money, so fees for EVERYTHING imaginable are going up!) After Owen caught the first fish, I struggled a little getting the hook out of his mouth. I haven't done it in YEARS and years! I was explaining to Nathan & Jared that sometimes they swallow the hook ,and you end up killing them to get your line back. This was not the case, of course. The next thing I knew I looked up to see tears rolling down Owen's cheeks! He was crying because he thought the fish was going to die! Of course, a little while before, he was hoping to catch one so we could eat it that night!

Enjoy our pictures!

Owen's last fish, I think

Nathan & Jared untangling someone's line!

my serious one--he loved wading in the creek!

my little guy with his little fish--okay, so it's probably BIG to him!

Owen, fishin'

don't remember when he changed to pants... or did he change to shorts and I just have things out of order?? Whatever!

Jared's catch--these trout were so little!

These guys were cute!

My guys--just fishing. Once Owen and I found a spot that worked, of course, N & J wanted to fish there too! The 4 of us sat next to each other in a space of 5 ft. with 3 lines in the water!

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blessings, joie

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