Friday, September 18, 2009

Goings On

Late last week, I caught a 9" trout. We went fishing Sunday, and Jim caught 2 crayfish (crawdads) I can't believe that they look exactly like a lobster only little! The ones we got were about 3" and 4". We kept them for a couple of days in a bucket. Nothing exciting happened! We fished again today, and things were really slow. Owen caught one small trout and Jared caught a crayfish. Actually Jim and Jared didn't exactly "catch" them, THEY caught on to the worm and just held on tight! The creek is so low. We watched Owen's fish hiding under a rock for a while. His tail was sticking out about 2". It was like a little kid hiding with just his head under a blanket! He would turn around and snatch the worm (but not the hook). He did that a couple times, all the while we watched him! Finally he grabbed onto the hook. It's weird for me. I'm used to fishing in the St. Lawrence River (as a kid) and not being able to see anything in the water and being surprised when we caught a fish.
9" trout that I caught
Last week, Jim drove through town. He's done it a few times in the past, but it's been quite a while. Of course, he called me a few minutes before he was coming into town. It's always a thrill to see him!
Jim coming down the hill into town
THIS is a bummer! On Friday our trampoline broke! The boys had just gotten on it the day before for the first time since May! They were out alone for a while, and I decided to go out and sit on the back porch. A minute later, they called to me and said they needed help (not in an urgent tone). I couldn't figure out what the problem was at first. All three boys were in the part that collapsed. It turns out that a screw (actually there were 2 others around the trampoline) had come out on one part of the U-leg. The other half of the U-leg has a nut and bolt and is attached to the upper enclosure. And this happens when they jump on it?!!!! I'm angry, disturbed, sad, and furious about this! I have to call or email the company to see what they have to say. It's $350 thrown away!!

Here's Owen with his new friend Crystal! She helped out in his VBS class. This picture was taken during VBS week.
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blessings, joie
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Janners said...

It's neat that you got to see him drive by. My stepdad drives a bus, and we're always excited to pass him on a route. Real bummer about the trampoline.