Thursday, September 10, 2009


Lately, we've been a fishing family! Now that we've discovered that we can fish in the creek behind our house, we've fished 4 times in the last week and a half! The quest has been for Nathan to catch his first fish! So today, he finally did! Yesterday we fished, and fished, and fished, and got at least 100 bites/tugs, but we caught nothing! Smart fish! Nathan got his fish today.

Owen got a little bored, so he moved a few rocks and found worms. We all got so excited that he was finding FREE worms! (they do cost money in the store!) He found one after another. I think he got 10! We used a couple right away, so the picture you see below doesn't have all that he caught.

Owen fishing yesterday

Nathan's first fish, today!


That night crawler is a little creepy! I wonder how long he is when he's stretched out!

We're gearing up to start our school year on Monday. Tomorrow I have a friend coming over with her 3 boys (4 and under!) to visit AND to learn about how we've homeschooled over the years. I have lots of resources, so it'll be cool to share ideas with her! Every child learns differently, so these are just ideas for her to work with.

Soon Nathan is going to learn how to bow hunt from an avid, experienced bow hunter (the husband of a woman I know from church--Nathan's first VBS teacher). John's excited, Nathan's excited, and I'm excited about it! Plus it's also great how they live only a few miles from us!

Car's in the shop, so we're homebound this week.

I found a storage cabinet at a local warehouse store that will work great for the extra storage I need for kitchen stuff. Problem is, I can't pick it up with the Escort. So I have to depend on Jim to do that. And he doesn't have time at all. He worked a lot of hours last week, working 6 days.
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