Thursday, June 12, 2008


The "heatwave" broke, and we're now in the 80's. It's beautiful! The lack of humidity makes all the difference! It was great to have the window fan on last night instead of the A/C! Here's a page from last summer -- we've been going to the airport since Nathan and Jared were little. With the high gas prices, not so much! Another super simple page, and I LOVE IT! When will I learn that stressing out over "crafty" pages is foolish AND non-productive! I hope to complete at least 50 pages this summer!

My dictionary from college makes me happy.

It makes me sad that my dictionary from college is finally falling apart -- I've had it for 27 years! I've always been big on using the dictionary. I remember growing up, my younger sister would ask me how to spell a word or ask for a definition. I'd always tell her to look it up in the dictionary! It probably made her mad, but I think she was learning more when she looked it up herself. I'm teaching the boys the same thing. I use it myself pretty regularly. That's why we have dictionaries in the kitchen (on the homeschool shelf), in the living room bookcase and in the older boys' bedroom. Sometimes I use definitions on scrapbook pages. You can buy them pre-made, but you're limited. It's easy to make your own -- just copy what a definition looks like in the dictionary, and type it up in your word processing program!

Owen learning how to use a table/butter knife to push his food on his fork (instead of his thumb). You can't see the knife, but he was doing it quite well. I was surprised at his coordination! I can't believe my baby's going to be 4 in a couple months!

I have SO MANY page ideas in my head. Now I just have to get them down on pages!!!! When I'm sitting waiting for something -- while the boys are outside playing and they want me to sit outside, or last summer when I was waiting in the hospital for my father to have knee surgery -- I like to make journaling notes -- childhood memories; favorite things; things I DON'T like; etc. Sometimes I'll start a page with the journaling and then look for a picture -- sometimes it's the other way around.

Our new favorite song: Today is the Day! by Lincoln Brewster

until next time...

blessings, joie

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