Friday, June 13, 2008

JUNE 13, 2008

Really nothing going on. Enjoying the low humidity. Nathan said it was going to be 76 next week. Woo-Hoo! THAT'S the kind of summer I enjoy!!

Can I just say, the colors on this page are much more vibrant than what you see here. I should take care to photograph them better in good lighting. Sorry!

Still working on pages. This journaling came to me the other day out of the blue, and I just jotted it down as I was sitting on the back porch. In going through old pictures, I found this one that was perfect. At the time of the photo, I was in Bermuda visiting my sister, Brenda, in the Navy. It was during that sad time in my life that I was "back to waiting" for Mr. Right. Brenda and I had a great time in Bermuda, however!

blessings, joie

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emd1174 said...

Yay! THREE pages since I looked last!!