Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hi! IN THE 90's

It's been summer here the last couple days! Wednesday and Thursday, it was in the low 70's -- just the way I love it! NOT so today and yesterday -- low 90's and very humid! That's supposed to go on for a couple more days. Tuesday's forecast WAS 100, but they've dropped that a few degrees. Somehow 97 sounds so much better than 100! Okay, I HATE the heat and especially the humidity! As I said, I love the 70's!

Owen spends a good deal of his time running around
the outside edge of the trampoline! It makes him happy!

Jared loves to teach Owen. It's so incredibly sweet to witness it. Usually it's way above Owen's comprehension! Here, he's teaching him how a bicycle works! From gears to brakes to sprockets... It may be way over Owen's head now, but someday he'll know where his knowledge of bicycles came from!

SO talented! Yet a little creepy too!

Things are going well. Jim is very happy with his new job! His sleep is getting better -- just not enough! He's been working long days, but the hard work is good for him. He's proudly sporting a sun-tanned left arm! He's been sun deprived for so many years, this is so great for his physical and mental health!

Nathan hasn't been a subject of my photographing the past week or so, so I thought I'd go back to my archives and show you one from yesteryear.

He wore Blue Velvet (title of future scrapbook page!)

Nathan was dedicated at 3 months old. This is the outfit that he wore -- blue velvet! This adorable photo was taken a week or so before.

I ordered a WHOLE BUNCH of prints from winkflash last week, so I have several envelopes of photos. For a challenge, I'm going through each envelope and choosing a photo (or a few from a particular event of photo shoot) to scrapbook! I MAKE myself do a page from something in that certain envelope. If I don't do that, I'll keep going through my pictures STUCK on what to do next! This challenge seems to be working for me. Last week I sorted TONS of photos -- Nathan, Jared, Owen, 2 or 3 boys together, Jim (from childhood until now), me (same as Jim), photos of Jim and me together, Jim's family, my family, ancestor pictures, etc.... I think that'll help me too.

A friend from church expressed interest in learning to scrapbook! She'd like me to teach her! I can't wait! I have to keep reminding myself what I want to teach her (and what I taught ladies when I was a Creative Memories consultant: KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Some of my favorite pages are ones that I just did and didn't stress over ("just do it"!). I love patterned paper, so if I can add that and a fun title and journaling along with my photos, it makes me happy. I'm never going to win any awards for creative pages. Although I love to complete creative, crafty pages, my ultimate goal is to scrapbook as many of my photos and stories as I can -- as quickly as I can! I have a few thousand! I realize that I won't put them all in scrapbooks, but I want to get many of them in!

Until next time...

blessings, joie

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