Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I've been meaning to post; really I have! I just know it takes a while, so I keep putting it off! I have a few pages and some pictures from the distant past and some of current stuff.

Last week, I went to visit my parents for a belated Father's Day lunch. While I was there, I found the pictures that I'd been looking for at my mother's. I hit the jackpot! There were loads of pictures of my childhood and even pictures of my mother as a baby and my grandmother before I knew her! The next day, I scanned them. It took ALL DAY! I had so many, PLUS my scanner isn't really that fast.

Here goes:
My Dad, a dad for the first time (Terri)
Love this photo!

Summer 1964 (a year plus before Brenda)

Brenda's first Christmas 1965

Christmas 1965 (Brenda must've been napping)

Nathan was amazed at how much he looks like ME! We were just looking at my childhood school pictures, and he was the one who told me to crop the photo to show me how much he looks like me! I got a big kick out of his enthusiasm!

Owen posing in his new reading corner in his play room. Please excuse the SOCKS!
I read this book to him when he was ONE! He just rediscovered it!

Nathan playing a new piece that he learned -- for Daddy

Nathan last summer using the Magic Splash program
to make his eyes colored in a b&w photo

Owen does this alot, but this time, he lost his balance and he couldn't get up! I think it's
his brain growing and getting heavier! Anyway, the rest is self-explanatory!

Last week, Jim stopped by the house in between deliveries
(to fax something to work) so I got these great pictures!

He still LOVES his job and is SO THANKFUL for it. However, the hours are very long -- today he worked 14 hours! Our evenings together as a family are extremely short. He goes to bed an hour or so before the boys -- just after he eats dinner. He's exhausted. So if you feel led, please continue to pray for our family. It's not perfect, but it's much better. He enjoys his work, and he loves working in the daylight!

I'm in the process of working on 5 more pages -- need to journal on all of them and add embellishments to a few. I love doing this! I have more ideas than the time I have to do them all!

Last week, my father was bitten on his leg by a brown recluse spider -- so his doctor says. We were very surprised, as website after website shows that the brown recluse spider is not known to live up here in New York. He since has developed a rash. I guess he doesn't feel bad, but his body is reacting to something. The dr. doesn't think the rash is from the bite. My sisters and I are not too sure about this dr. Today he went for blood work, so that's good. Again, if you feel led, please pray for him (Donald or Don). Although he appears to be healthy at 75, there may be something in his system that's causing him to react this way

I should have several more pages to post next time, (Donna)!

blessings, joie

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